Mariners Compass quilt using Electric Quilt

I love paper piecing and decided to teach myself how to draw a Mariners Compass quilt using software called Electric Quilt. I am enjoying the aspect of this design in bringing together the elements like a puzzle and just figuring what to do as I go along.


Paper piecing is probably my favorite way to quilt. You need to plan out your design and then organize the fabrics, I usually allow a generous bit of lee way in doing this. My favorite quilters to look at are Carol Doak and Judy Neimeyer. In fact I have been working on Judy Neimeyers Feathered Star this summer. Judy’s technique was at first challenging, but I found organization was the most important aspect in getting started.
Carol Doak has a new book out that I recently bought and its a great way for paper piecers to find elements that they can put together.

Getting back to my Mariners Compass Quilt, since I just got off topic, here are some more photos.




I will keep posting pictures as I move along with this quilt! As you have probably figured out about my style, I usually have a few projects in the works at the same time. Keeps it interesting!


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